Monday, February 18, 2013

Catholic Womens Almanac

I am going to think of the Catholic Womens Almanac as meditation.  Meditation on thanking our Lord.

I am

Thankful for:
-no is finally gone after 4 plus weeks of it in my home!
-a very understanding spouse through some tough appointments
-healthy food and recipes, we are having fun trying new foods
-smoothies so I can get my son to eat veggies, it is a bit sneaky yes but it is for his own two year old good!
-new commitment to lent, i am certain this one is an eye opener for me in my faith
-the energy to commit to my home organization

Listening to:
-Liam chew lol
-Thomas the train...over and little guy LOVES trains.
- the wind....this snow is getting too much!

I was pondering beauty but Jenny has got me thinking about social media and how I am using these tools.  Elizabeth Foss also posted something about this...hmmmm hhmmmm?? trying to tell me something Lord?? ;)
The word i need is BALANCE.

 Pondering and Creative kind of go together:
Yesterday I read a wonderful article written by a 19 year old on beauty.  I should share it.  It was from The Catholic Register.  There needs to be more articles like this reminding us that everything we love is a reflection of a piece of God....if we really look at these things...we will understand how beautiful our Lord is and that after all that we are made in His image!

Contemplating this yesterday while sewing a country style placemat (I have 3 left to sew) and knitting. Knitting is my meditation.  I pray so much as I knit.

Nothing Captured this week in photos.  I am terrible for taking photos.  I am going to try to capture a few this week, especially since my son is turning 2 on Saturday! Toddler....oh babies grow so fast!

Oh I am so excited about my organic food box deliveries.  I am also pondering how we treat our bodies and as the Lords temple what I put into my family.  I also found East Coast organic milk.  I am trying on a limited budget.  Just because I am limited doesn't mean with a little creativity I cannot make a healthy life for my family.  I am really reducing refined sugars and adding fresh food.  I am trying to make fresh 75% of the groceries. I hope to share some recipes and creativity on here.

Have a blessed week sisters!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Moments of Grace

Moments of Grace

I cannot believe I have not posted since September.  I was writing a grace journal and then stopped that too....on the plus side I have been more involved with my bible and scripture which is never a bad thing!! Jenny's post really struck me today.  I need to be posting grace or writing grace because I am a visual learner!  It helped to SEE as written in her post how "Everything is Grace"

Moments of Grace:

-Jenny's post today
-Being so sick and Andrew taking a 'vacation' day to stay home and help.  I have been looking after sick for 3 weeks and the break helped.
-communicating better with Cosette's dad (my daughters daddy)
-I went to an evening Mass and the music touched me so much I cried, the choir was so good.
-I have kept mostly positive for my family through all the sick
-I have kept up with devotions nightly with Andrew.
-knitting helps me meditate on Christ and prayer
-I have really taken my 2013 word "trust" to a new level and it is SO hard but God is with me.
-people like Elizabeth Foss to remind me that Attachment Parenting is not a fad but a way of life and it doesn't matter what others say....still nursing here!  Not caring what others think.  It is for my child.

Ok I could go on....yep, i need to see it in writing.......

I am going to write more on this blog and not isolate myself so much.  

Monday, September 3, 2012

Catholic Woman's Almanac

Joining the ladies this week at Suscipio...

Moments of Gratitude:

-Andrew having an extra day off when Cosette came back to us a day later from her dads.  They didn't lose time together.
-A lady I ordered fabric from on Etsy gave me 15% off to help me out starting a new business.  She said I could have the discount anytime. She is a lovely woman.
-Grandma sending new pj's at the exact time the kids needed them.
-Andrew seems to be thriving at his new job.

Beauty in the Ordinary:

-Kids eating icecream

and oh my, the new discovery of my intense love of fabric and texture:

From the Kitchen:

So excited to get a weekly food box from Home Grown Organics!  $55 a week for organic produce box (cheap in Canada trust me lol)


For Andrew's grandma who has so many health issues.  Also for his sisters.  Praying also for Cosette as she starts primary school.


How I am to find a way that helps me better ponder scriptures.


I will just say I just want to start "Imitation of Christ".
Lots of books on color, organization, pillows, fabric etc for my new business.


Not much as I cannot seem to remind myself to recharge that camera battery!  I need to get on this asap. lol.

Hot Spots:

I will be setting up my work space this week, fixing a few things in my online store front and facebook page.

Blessings for another fruitful week.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Catholic Woman's Almanac

Linking up with the ladies at Suscipio...

Moments of Gratitude

-Andrew taking over with the kids on the weekend when i was so sleep deprived.
-Cosette being so helpful and getting herself ready without me asking. Big girl *sniff*
-More sleep last night
-Homemade carrot cake that turned out lovely
-Andrews support and love with my business and all my ideas

 Beauty in the Ordinary

Praying the Liturgy of the Hours last night with Andrew.  Was so comforting.  Felt as though God has his arms around me. There is something about praying the Our Father together.  Simple prayer....but connecting.

Baby toes...I love baby toes lol.

From the kitchen

-Chicken with Bok Choy stir fry
-Southern fried chicken
-pork chops

-meal planning.....i have neglected this for too long!!!!


-Re-connecting with Andrew and praying the liturgy.
-my mom's struggles
-my sister in law who is moving in with my mother in law....don't know if this will work out ok


On Mary's relationship to us....this fell away from me when i was away from the church.  Trying to re-connect with all of this.


-Primary school for Cosette
-my business
-organization, I feel so unorganized!
my relationship with Cosette


I'm going to start "Porch Lights"  I need to read fluff as I have not in a long time.


 This is my daughter and her preschool teacher.  It is about a month old but we just uploaded now LOL!  I am slow.  She graduated onto kindergarten! :)

Blessings on your week!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Moments of Grace

Well I can certainly notice our moments of grace this week.  They have to do with discernment.  Poor sweet Andrew was getting restless.  When it is ingrained in someone to work and provide for their family it has to be hard when their spouse gets a position to work and they still have no prospects.  He wanted me to stay home with the kids.  He wanted me to aspire to start the home business that I have been wanting to for years. We know what it means for the kids to have their mother around.  But yet, here I was working.  That was a blessing, we were glad.....for one shift.  Yup, that's all God let me do.

Andrew ended up with two job opportunities.  And he got one, full time. It isn't a lot of money by most people's standards but it is more than he has made since we have moved here.  I know it is a job he can do.
He was so relieved....and after crunching the numbers and trying to work out child care....not only would our relationship suffer, kids suffer, but I would be barely making any money.

So here I am.....working on planning my home business!! Liam is teething, i am not sleeping but it's ok, my work is here. Sleep deprived and excited for the unknown....

all with the support and grace of one good, traditional understanding man.  He gets me.  More than I thought.

sweet man....i love you. Thanks for your support.

Pretty excited to get started on Cocobean Home Interior Designs! Isn't this Michael Miller fabric lovely?!

Blessings! :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Catholic Women's Almanac

Linking up with the ladies from Suscipio....

Moments of Gratitude:

-I got a job!  Working part time doing something I like doing :)
-my husband and his helping around the house so much
-girl time swimming with my daughter
-my son is more smiley lately
-some cooler days
-chat with my mom, we haven't chatter in forever

Beauty in the Ordinary:
The kids laughing with their daddy....around a small pool.  Apparently he is hilarious.

From the Kitchen:
many stovetop things because of the humidity....
-rice, fish

For my mom who is going through a hard time.  For starting my new job!!

I have really been pondering what it means to be "pro-life"

Hot Spots:
I actually got some deep cleaning done this week.
I really want to tackle the decor part of things.

Small pool, small cuties, small deck, big fun! (our beautiful lake near our house is closed for construction :(

Blessings on your week!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Catholic Womens Almanac

Linking up with the ladies from Suscipio...

Moments of Gratitude
-through the heat we have managed to keep our house orderly
-kiddie pool on the deck
-movie nights with Andrew
-being able to be home with the kids
-found out the lake near our home is closed for construction, even though Cosette was sad we turned it into laughter and had a awesome time at the playground as a family.  Lots of jokes, giggles and suntanning.

From the Kitchen
-Frugal and creative
lots of pasta
-next week there were be lots of corn on the cob and cold supper in the humidity
-smoothie pops

-praying for my husband to find work.  I am also looking to go back part time.  This is hard as I want to be with my children as much as possible for their well being but we must work.

-my patience level was not good lately as I have had lots of worry on my heart.  I am sure that I could have been more patient with my family.

-The art of Confession
-natural health magazines

The Web
-I have starting pinning ideas for Christmas.  November catches up to me and I am scrambling.

Hot spots

Blessings on your week.